Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 6:42 AM
I have been out for quite some time now because of the numerous I had to watch over the past few days. I am currently watching How I Met Your Mother and America's Best Dance Crew and are enjoying both shows equally.

But anyway, I have 3 topics to choose from on what I should write, Pachelbel in the background is helping me out in some way. So here goes.

I was cleaning my disastrous room when I came across with some few sentimental stuffs that instantly reminded why it was sentimental at the first place. I could not exactly explain what it was, but somehow I was glad that I was able to find that certain "stuff" by random. This stuff I am referring to was a notebook, a notebook filled with my "glory day" messages. I'm sure all of you wouldn't understand what it was and I am not expecting you to. The funny thing is, being able to reminisce, it didn't brought me to tears as it normally used to. But instead it made me smile, it made me cherish my memories even more, it made me thankful for having an intact memory, being able to reminisce whenever, wherever, and however I want to. It has been 5 years since that notebook got updated but I doubt that it will be updated EVER again. Ironic right? It's like I want it to get updated, but at the same I don't want to. Ha ha. As a good friend-slash-batch mate of mine said, this "invisible tension" should not be entertained.

So for the sake of keeping it inside my memory box, I decided to let this out for my sake. Ha ha. Everything is not yet certain right? But still, I am willing to give it my best, to do everything I can... For this.

Phew. I guess that would be all. Arrivederci, amici! Baci ed abbracci!


  1. haha i've always wanted to make my own journal din.. pero yung mga nakasulat is more of inspirational things i could think of.. like lyrics.. sketches.. lists of things to do.. mga ganun haha but im still too laseiz fair (lazy LOL)to bring a small notebook with me all the time haha.. i guess sayang yung mga times na i had inspirational things in mind.. oh well.. haha i'd love to reminisce din minsan kung meron lang ako journal..

    hulaan mo sino ako.. hehehe >:)

  2. iStephhh Says:

    BUZZ! HA HA HA. Ikaw yan. Alam mo bakit?
    1. LASEIZ FAIR - Sa LMR yan, meaning nursing STUDENT ka.
    2. LYRICS AND SKETCHES - Very EMO-ish. HA HA. Nuff said.
    3. LOL - Either hahaha or LOL ang ginagamit mo pag text/type laughing ka

    And last but not the least:


    Ano ba yan paiba iba name mo. ANONYMOUS na ANONYMOUS. (:

    Mag dala ka notebook, wala naman masama dun e. Hindi naman ma-question masculinity mo. Ha ha. Jok! It's a good tool for reminiscing, I swear. (:

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