Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 3:00 AM
Just got home from our review. Another LRT day for me and Freddy and good thing it was windy outside! Ha ha. Less sweat, siguro nag-sakto sa clothes ko today ang cold weather. Ha ha.

Something funny happened today. You see, my BFF in the whole wide universe called me up... to greet me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I was puzzled and so I told her, "16 PALANG KAYA NGAYON! But thank you." - HA HA HA. She then confirmed with her friends what today's date was, indeed APRIL 16 PA LANG NGAYON. We both ended up laughing but really, her greeting made me happy and LAUGH out LOUD. Thank you, Stephanie Lorenz, Palma-Gil. HA HA HA. KISS KISS, HUG!

I had a great conversation with Freddy as we were hanging out by the poolside. Too much topics to remember, but there wasn't a dull moment during our "hang-out". And as usual we ended up reminiscing our "glory days" and "past" which made us laugh about it. During our conversation, it made me realize that I am a candidate for having a BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. I will explain it some other time in my future entries. It was cut short because I still have a previous engagement to attend to: Christine Paula Duran's graduation slash birthday celebration dinner! Yahooo! That is why my camera is fully charged, ready for some future point and shoots.

Before Freddy left, I noticed my clear envelope became heavier and thicker than usual. A curious cat like me immediately peeked through my envelope and to my surprise I saw a view of a BOOK in it! I guess someone sneaked in my birthday gift for tomorrow. I just couldn't stopped myself from flashing my contagious sheepish smile. He he. Boy am I excited to see what book it is. Thank you Freddy! (:

I wish I can stay and blab some more, but I have to go get ready for Tine's dinner later. I MIGHT blog again later, to fight my sleepiness if ideas will flow freely in my non existent brain. Toodles!

PS Happy 7th to us, Freddy! XO!


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