Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 3:58 AM
I'm back!!! Since I am on HOUSE ARREST today, I was able to watch numerous episodes of anime. YEP, you heard it right... I was watching anime while lying flat for almost 5 hours now. Friggin' sacral pain won't go away and it only gets worse every time I move! Ackkk! Thanks for this, I'm back wearing my binder again. FREAK IN THE HOUSE! HA HA HA.

Due to my boredom, I made an effort to dig up my old posts from my old blog. Looking back, I was giggling at my way of writing and expressing things. NENE na NENE ang dating e. My posts varied from family, friends, love, school and... Shmna. I found a few entries that made me remember of SOMEONE who was VERY VERY VERY DEAR to me. Those we're MY glory days, if I may say. Kind of ridiculous, don't you think? I just have this nagging habit to reminisce every once in a while. That is why they call me a HOPELESS SENTIMENTAL. Pishhh! But moving on, it's all memories. A lifetime of memories that I will never forget.


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