Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 8:04 AM
I miss reading. I haven't been flipping the pages of A Million Little Pieces 'coz I'm still caught up with some stuffs. My BFF (in the whole wide universe ha ha) told me that it is a must read and as a humble follower, I scouted for a copy right away. It has been... some shmna months since I bought it, now it's all covered with dust. NO KIDDING.

I still have a handful of books in queue and my eyes are burning with the desire to read. HA HA. Now don't go telling me to read my nursing books, because I WON'T. Well... Maybe I will. Ha ha. PA-ONTI ONTI. Gahd. Blame my credit card, it gives me the urge to splurge on bookSSS kahit na meron pa ako sa bahay. I even left my Second Helpings in L.A. kasi hindi na kasya sa luggage ko! HA HA. Now all I need is a book shelf, to display my collection. Yuck, feeling.

Good thing I got my reading "fetish" from my father's side of the family. Someday books, I will read you all. Someday.


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