Moving On.

Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 9:30 AM
At last, our 3 months worth of review is finally over and thus, examinations came. As I entered the hallway of my assigned building and classroom I kept on thinking that this too, shall pass. I had given my best, critically thinking and rationalizing wise and all I [we] can do now is HOPE and PRAY. :)

As my Dud would say, "Tapos na Baby, there's no point dwelling on it. Move on... Bukas Boracay na ha?" - HA HA. Okay, so the last sentence was edited, but truth aside, my boyfriend and friends are going to Boracay tomorrow. Kahit umuulan... HA HA. Geez. Hopefully it wont BAGYO by the time we get there. I've done my packing and it makes me laugh 'coz halata na excited ako. Who wouldn't be? It is a well deserved vacation for us and good thing I am able to go (despite having a chauffeur) OKAY LANG!!! :)

See you tomorrow guys!

PS Painted my nails black. Gaya gaya si Mother. Ha ha. Another PS I will be able to use my new Ray Ban specs. Thanks Mum!


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