Just Relax.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 10:53 PM
Hello! Today was meant for us, reviewers to rest. But unfortunately rest MEANS study. Ha ha. Talk about resting huh. In exactly 2 days, we will taking a test that will be added to the book of our lives. As I said in my entry last night, we all have our selfish reasons why we want to pass, but as June 6 and 7 comes, we will have to do our best, to make that goal within reach.

I am not an ace student nor am I a flunking one. I consider myself as an average one. Not TOO high, just the achieving the right set of grades to help me make it through. I study whenever it is needed and with my luck and prayers (and hard work SIGE NA NGA!) I am able to make it through. As I sit here in front of my laptop with my reviewers cluttered in front me, with a ribbon tied around my forehead, a bottle of water to hydrate me and a classical music heard in my background, I have started my "study marathon". It's funny coz honestly, I am NOT used to this kind of studying. I am trying my very best not to stress myself kasi it will not do me any good. :) Chain messages are ALWAYS sent in my phone for GUIDANCE or GOOD LUCK, whatever you may call it. Most people pass it on, but others, like me, don't. I tell you, mas nakakapraning lang kaya pag pumansin ka ng mga ganon na bagay. Ha ha ha. Moving on, I have a short attention span when it comes to studying, probably because I haven't done "this" in a long time. :D I am in constant need of taking numerous breaks just to keep me sane. HA HA. And hopefully as I sleep for two more nights, I will be able to maintain each and every learning (tiny or big in detail) in my [non-existent] brain and just do my very best for this... :)

May God be with us all, God speed!


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