First Part.

Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 2:17 AM
Okay, so I just gor home from UST, finished my 3 exams and now I am hoping for a GOOD RESULT.

I was not able to go online last night because of my 21% anxious level HA HA HA. I decided to study with Nica, who was stranded in our place due to "walang masakyan" at "walang magsusundo" situations.

Moving on, today was our 1st day of NLE. I was able to sleep well (6 hours of sleep was enough, thank you very much) brewed myself a cup of coffee, toasted some left over pizza, brought a bar of chocolate, and went to take a shower and fix myself up. I wasn't feeling giddy or nervous at all, probably it was due to Dud's PEP TALK on our way to UST. Upon entering my designated building, I felt like I was taking my UST entrance exams all over again. Imagine being assigned to Faculty of Engineering where I DID take my entrance exam, 4 years ago. Ang NOSTALGIC ng feeling, ika-nga. To my surprise, my room assignment was full of TECSON examinees as well! I never thought my Dud's surname was THAT famous. Ha ha. Ang buong akala ko kasi sa Cebu siya nag originate. But no! They were from Bulacan and Ilocos. One Tecson woman approached me with a smile on her face saying, "LAHAT NG TECSON, PAPASA." - Siyempre ako naman, GO NA GO NA GO LANG! Ha ha ha. Hopeful at the same time, I am striving for it.

I want to say thank you for my intact memory, for remembering the things that I needed to remember. As what I've said, 2 exams to go at maaalisan na kaming lahat ng isang GIGANTIC na tinik! If I were to evaluate today's exams... I'd rather not. Never count the chickens until the eggs are hatched. But all I can say is... I am doing everything that I can in giving my best.

Good luck to everyone!


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