Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 2:18 AM
Rain rain please stay but don't wet Freddy away.

I got up this morning hearing the sound of rain splashing through our windows and I was up and about. I instantly remembered wanting to go to school, raining everyday just to get that extra cold effect inside our classroom. Plus I've always wanted to wear my jacket(s), so that I won't look like an ORDINARY student in our ordinary crowd. Ha ha. But moving on, a lot has happened today. It was my TIME OF THE MONTH, meaning: grumpy attitude, KRUMPS (ha ha!), short-fused attention span. Thankfully Freddy was a dear when I was PMS-ing on him during the afternoon of our review. Today, we also talked about the different personality disorders, which gets me every time. As usual, I see myself having a HISTRIONIC, NARCISSIST, BORDERLINE and an OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE personality disorder(s)- all of them can be seen in my so-called personality. Teehee. So much for being a WEIRD-O.

I was able to eat manggang hilaw with bagoong in a stick today. YEHEY! Thank you Freddy and Robert for accompanying me to buy and for bearing my alamang-ish breath. HE HE HE. And lastly, I was able to do something for someONE. I decided to buy isaw and barbeque on my way home and while I was waiting for it to be cooked, I saw a stray dog, waiting for some "blessing" to come his way. So I figured of buying an extra barbeque just for him. Good thing Freddy and I was able to lure him and thus we were able to feed him. Kahit papano. :) Someday when I become FILTHY rich, I will make sure to build up shelters for those homeless animals. Someday, someday.

Phew! Tomorrow we won't be having our review, instead we are bound to attend a seminar so this gives me an excuse to watch One Tree Hill tonight. (AS IF I NEED AN EXCUSE HA HA!) That's it! Arrivederci amici!


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