Must love dogs.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 6:09 AM
I had my very first Cartimar experience with Mikong, Nica and Basil. They were bound to purchase their new "baby" and as an annoying little girl I am, I invited myself to come with them. Tagging Mikong along. He he.

I swear Cartimar is a DOG LOVER'S HAVEN. With all those cute MUTTS (He he he) for a reasonable price. A few darlings caught my attention: a Dachshund, a Beagle, whatchamacalit a dog that looks like a lion? HA HA. I was thinking of "Pomeranian" pero iba pala yun ha ha. But anyway, my point is... I WANT EVERY DOG THAT'S ON SALE!!! They are sooo adorable! I just couldn't stop myself from smiling sheepishly and playing with them. Nica and Bas was able to buy their dog for only 1,800. A British shmna, crossed breed dog (I forgot what's it called, sorry!) and wait for it... Ang cute niya talaga.

I'll try to save some dough so I can buy my brother another Dachshund (In loving memory of our own, Lans Hamilton Tecson). And when I become FILTHY RICH in the future, I can assure you my glass house will be filled with those lovable creatures.

Kiss kiss kiss!

PS I'll try to sign up in PAWS or in any animal activist rights association. MUST LOVE ANIMALS!


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